Full body Inverse Kinematic

HI guys!
I’m looking for a full body inverse kinematic plugin that I can use for testing purpose.

What I’m trying to do is allowing a character to do action like, for example, while standing still and talking with someone, dynamically grab an object from the ground, just setting the “grabbing points” and letting the position being calculated with an inverse kinematic algorithm.

I tried Dozer’s inverse kinematic script and it’s quite nice, but it works only on harms or similar stuff, but as I said, I need something that can allow me to drag the entire body.

Also, I took a look to Human IK and it seems to be what I need, but I’m still waiting to get the evaluation version. By the way, did someone already use it with Unity?

I’m also interested in Mecanim for Unity 4, it seems very good but I’m not sure it will allow me to do what I need.

I found very few informations about it and I’ll be very glad to hear some comments from anyone that already used it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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