Full Body Rig for animation production and feature request

I created a whole body controller rig for animation production with Animation Rigging.

There is a slider to switch between IK / FK. IK is blue Effectors and FK is red Effectors. Adding IK on the state machine layer is good for procedurally changing the foot position or gun aiming later, but if you want to create an animation from scratch I think IK and FK should be the same rig.

I uploaded the project to GitHub.


After making this rig, I have four feature requests.

  1. Effectors selectability switching
    It is better not to select the slider frame.
    5210387--518648--コメント 2019-11-25 203549.png
    5210387--518651--コメント 2019-11-25 203601.png

  2. Function to limit the movable range of Effectors
    When making an animation, I want to limit the angle at which the elbow bends, for example.

  3. Ability to group effectors and switch display / hide in a batch
    FK's Effector is a hindrance when making an animation with IK. You can hide Effector one by one, but I want to switch display / hidden together.

  4. Ability to select Effectors with hierarchy closed
    Hierarchy becomes very large when making Rig. Selecting Effector opens the hierarchy and makes it very difficult to see. I would be happy if you could select Effector with the hierarchy closed.


Hi. First, thank you for sharing this. Always very interesting to see how people are using this rigging package, what they are trying accomplish, and what are the issues they are encountering. Creating a full body FK/IK rig is definitely one of our goals and, as you have pointed out, we still have some work to do around tooling in order to make this a smooth ride. We just published an update of the Animation Rigging package (v0.2.5 preview) that will enable some editor features that are already present in Unity 2019.2 & 2019.3

Here’s some feedback in regards to your requests…

  • In Unity 2019.3 (with package v0.2.5 preview) the editor Hierarchy window now has a “Selectable” flag (pointing finger, left column, bellow the + icon). This will allow you to make your slider frame un-selectable.
  • Yes, maybe as a Limit constraint. We have experimented with this a bit. This is definitely on our list. Can’t say when this will happen though. You could write your own custom constraint to do this now.
  • In Unity 2019.2 (with package v0.2.5 preview) the editor Hierarchy window now has a “Visibility” flag (eye icon, left column, next to Selectable icon). This is not a “grouping” system, but is a mean of quickly hiding/showing objects or hierarchies of objects in a single click. An alternative solution for FK bones would be to use the Bone Renderer script enable flag.
  • I understand. Need to check if anything is planned in this direction on the editor side.

Hope theses little insights help and thanks again for sharing!


Holy macaroni. Amazing.

Working on procedural animation for quadped. Wonder if you have done some C# code to activate your Animation Rigging based character like Walk.
Great example for now, let's move it by code!!!


Please teach us. (seriously)

We are all seekers in this world, no Masters or Gods around.
Still, I will for sure post result of my work once all this ECS DOTS innovative programming environment is under my control. Not easy to leave OOP after over 30 years of experience with it!
thanks, good job,

No problem. Just leave some breadcrumbs/insight. I am determined to integrate this into my workflow, but new to animation/rigging/Ik, and because it is a preview package there is not much informal information for noobs on how to integrate this into a workflow. Maybe there is some assumed knowledge. Thanks for the rig.

Any ideas on how to control an AR rig with code? preferably with ECS.

I just finished 5 minutes ago AR non my cat to have it turn head during idle animation so than it will be able to follow a different character (target).
I now have a coffee and start move it on DOTS Animation following the very good example from Unity evangelist Ciro
to me his two examples and related videos are as of today the best (almost only) good explanation of Rigging Animation in an application context.
Sure AR and DOTS at this stage of documentation require quite some patience…
let me know if you succeed and get in touch if needed

Thanks. I will go research your suggestions.
Edit: This is a stellar Link. Thank You.

Thank you for this!!