Full Browser Window Unity WebGL


I have a unity WebGl projet and i want to make it full browser size (Responsible) there a lot of websote telling how to do it but no details… Can someone help me ?

I’ve recently ported my HowUnityWorks webplayer to WebGL. It remember it was kind of a struggle to get the 100% scaling working correctly. You basically want to set any width and height of all elements to 100% and set any margins / paddings to 0 so there’s no border anywhere. Also note that since the canvas is created dynamically by the loading code, you want to define some CSS rules specifically for the canvas as well so it also scales with the parent element.

If you have FireFox you can just open the developer tools from the “extras” menu on my example page. It’s a bare minimum example as the page doesn’t contain anything else except the Unity game container.

Can you please tell me exactly what do i have to do to solve my problem ?

Thanks !!