Full Screen Get smaller when i actived it

for some reason when i set on the full screen mode the window get very very small
i tried every scritp

Screen.fullScreen = !Screen.fullScreen; 

Screen.fullScreen = !Screen.fullScreen; Screen.SetResolution(1200, 800, true);

Screen.SetResolution(1200, 800, true);

Screen.SetResolution(Screen.width, Screen.height, true);

i tried all of them seperatly by pressin a button also on a GUI function but all of it make the window smaler…like so small:smaller than my hand…

how to switch to windowed to a fulllscreen and be able to set a resolution inside a fullscreen? I need help on this i just pass 2 hour on it

If you want to pass into the window mode, but thus to keep the current display resolution:

 Screen.SetResolution(Screen.width, Screen.height, false); //3d parametr is fullscreen mode

I hope that it will help you.