Full screen with UnityContentLoader?

How to create full screen with unity content loader?, I try this…

var unityParams:UnityLoaderParams = new UnityLoaderParams();
var unityLoader:UnityContentLoader = new UnityContentLoader(“game.swf”,uch,unityParams);

var sprite:Sprite = new Sprite();
sprite.buttonMode = true;

function clickFullScreen ( e : MouseEvent ) : void

if( stage.displayState == StageDisplayState.NORMAL)
	stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;


the swf puts in full screen but, the screen shows next error:

Fatal Error : Error: Error #3694: El objeto se ha desechado en una llamada previa a dispose().
at flash.display3D::VertexBuffer3D/uploadFromByteArray()
at com.unity::UnityNative$/Ext_Stage3D_Upload_VertexBuffer()
at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN14GfxMolehillVBO17UnmapVertexBufferEv()
at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN9GfxDevice8SkinMeshERK12SkinMeshInfoP3VBO()
at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN19SkinnedMeshRenderer22UpdateAllSkinnedMeshesENS_10UpdateTypeE()
at com.unity::UnityNative$/NativeExt_PlayerLoop()
at com.unity::UnityContentInternal/playerLoop()
at com.unity::UnityContent/onEnterFrame()

It would help if I knew Spanish. But Google Translate seems to work pretty well.

It says you deleted the object already. Check that you didn’t destroy or null stage somewhere before this point.

Otherwise you may be unable to fully destroy the object like this: error #3694 the object was disposed by an earlier call of dispose on it - Starling Forum.

Or you may be missing a setting for certain devices: Error #3694 - Starling Forum.