Full Web Player Plugin with Offline Support for Mac - Failed to update Unity Web Player

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been advised by Unity Support, that I can only be given this information from this section of the website, so hopefully someone can assist.


Where can we find a working full-installer for the Unity Web Plugin on Mac OS X that allows us to use the Web Player in an offline closed network?


Create a simple test build for Web Player in Unity. On Mac OS X with internet access, install the installer you want to test, and access the Web Player application on a local web server or on the system - it will work as expected.

Disable Internet Access, and refresh the page for the application. The Web Plugin will error “Failed to update Unity Web Player”.


We are working on a medical application using Unity3D for the web-player on internally hosted networks. The design requires Unity part of a greater whole so it needs to be utilized as a Web Plugin (not as a stand-alone application) and some clients are utilizing offline access (for securing their networks).


  • Ensured “Build Offline” setting set in the package during build
  • Set all JavaScript params in the Unity JS to not connect to the internet or look for updates or plugins
  • Bypassed issue on Windows by using the full plugin-installer in the link below combined with the above
  • Tried the mini-installer for Mac OS X, same issue
  • Tried the CPU specific installer for Mac OS X (i.e. i386), same issue
  • Tried the Full installer for Mac OS X (all versions), same issue
  • Verified the Plugin is calling home via Fiddler and Wireshark

Windows link is in this thread however the Mac OS X link did not perform the same.

Does anyone know where we can get a working offline plugin for Unity web player? Or did I miss an obvious step? Thanks in advance!