Fullscreen ghosting - how to prevent it?

Hi there.

I’m working with a 16:9 monitor and, when selecting a resolution from an aspect ratio that greatly differs from my monitor’s (like 5:4 or 21:9), the image is not quite upscaled, and the empty space outside the game produces ghosting image errors (for instance, when opening the Steam overlay). Let me show you some screenshot:

As you see, the “empty space” on each side of the game window gets stamped by the Steam overlay graphics. I’ve tried tweaking resolutions and aspect ratios for days to no avail, so I think it’s time to just try to prevent that ghosting effect from happenning. It’s important to note that this is happenning to me in the final build (the game’s executable, not in the Editor), and only when using fullscreen.

Does anyone have ideas on how to deal with it? Thanks.

Even though it is dangerous (screen Size wise) the free aspect property answers your question