Fullscreen on a second monitor

Is there a way to get unity apps on windows to fullscreen to a secondary monitor? When launching an unity application (on windows) if i choose to run fullscreen, it always ends up on the primary monitor. Even if i drag the mode chooser to the second monitor.

Is there a way to get unity apps on windows to fullscreen to a secondary monitor? Either through command line, script, or plugin?

This has been fixed for standalone windows apps and will be included in a future version of Unity. On OSX, this already works properly and even has the ability to keep the other display from blacking out if "Capture Single Screen" is set in the Player Settings.

Here is an application called "Gamers Window Relocator" that is suppose to position a standalone windowed app as if it were fullscreen on a secondary monitor. Haven't tried it, but maybe it works: http://gwr.orekaria.com/

Definitely want the ability the OP is decribing, but it seems like maybe this is an OS level problem where Windows only fullscreens to a Primary monitor? At the very least we need the ability to position the Windowed app on the Secondary monitor and hide the bar at the top.

For people that have similar problem as I do, this forum post provides two hacks that might be of use to you:


1) Using an external video splitter to turn a single monitor's fullscreen output to span across two separate screens. (works for dual screen setups, but not an application that just wants one screen on the second monitor).

2) Using a delayed full screen timer. (works on the mac, but not pc)

I am still looking for a software solution that works for windows.

In our research to a solution, I came across another hack on windows that might work for you.


The above post describes using exporting unity builds as a web-player and embedding it into a fullscreen browser window. The advantage of this is that you can fullscreen it to the secondary monitor.

It doesn't work for us because the disadvantage is that you since you need to build it as a web-player app, you have limited filesystem access and no plugin support.