function arguments list...?

In Unity JS is there any way to get or set the arguments passed to a function?

I’m trying to create an update manager that can trigger a list of attached functions.

So far I’ve got it working fine as long as the functions it calls don’t require parameters, or at least have a predetermined number of parameters passed in.

Would I be able to add an arguments array to callIt. eg: callIt.arguments=[1,2,3];

// CODE ---------------------------------------------------

var IntroUpdates:UpdateEngine;

function Start(){
	IntroUpdates=new UpdateEngine() as UpdateEngine;

class UpdateEngine{
	var updateHash: Hashtable;

	function UpdateEngine(){
		updateHash = new Hashtable();
	function AddObject(functionPointer):void{
		updateHash.Add(functionPointer, functionPointer);
	function removeItem(removeKey):void{
	function UpdateAll():void{
			for (var item  in updateHash.Keys){
				var callIt : Function=item as Function;
function test(){
	Debug.Log("test triggered");

Looks like there is no equivalent to arguments. Although I have hit upon an alternative.
Simply by knowing how many arguments I want to pass to a function enables me to modify how I call it.

If there’s only one argument, only pass one. If two, channel to a different statement that specifically sends two. It’s a little awkward but achieves the desired result:

}else if(functionParams.length==1){
}else if(functionParams.length==2){

In C#, you can use the params keyword to create a variable number of parameters. Unfortuneately is doesn’t work in js, but you might consider writing your trigger script in C#, then calling it from js.

  public void Trigger(Collider col, params int[] list) {
          //do stuff
          for(int i = 0; i < list.Length ; i++ ) {

Trigger( someTrigger , 1 ,3, 4, 8);
//pass 4 arguments to the list
Trigger( someTrigger , 1 , 2, 0);
//pass 3 arguments to the list
Trigger( someTrigger )
//list is empty
Trigger( someTrigger , new int[] {1 , 3, 5} );
//you can also pass an array of a matching type to the list.

[MSND page][1] on params
[1]: params (C# Reference) | Microsoft Learn