function OnCollisonEnter without rigidBody

I have 2 game objects
the first one(enemie)is moving using transform.translate
the second(player) one is moving when i input the arrow keys
i want the player to get back to its original spawn place and to loose a life when it collides with the enemie
but without using the rigidBody he s not detecting a collision .
I don t wan t to use ridgidBody.
Is there anay way to detect a colisson between 2 objects without the rigidBody???

As amphoterik suggested, you can raycast.

If you want to do it the lazy way, you can use a rigidbody for the moving object, but set Use Gravity to false and collider.isTrigger to true. That way, your object will receive OnTrigger events but will not behave like a rigidbody.

Be careful, though : I’ve just tested, and it seems that this will work if the object having the Rigidbody is moving and entering another collider, not if another (rigidbodyless) collider moves into it.