Funding a project

Well I need some money to get a lot of the software I want to use in a large project and to purchase sound effects and everything else that will be in a major production. I thought one way to do this is to create smaller games, similar to the ones found on sites such as, and somehow sell them to somewhere. I have no idea how to do this though. Where can I sell me games?

Don't we all [need funding]... I definitely wish I could provide the ultimate link, similar to Sebas' Tutorials link. Unfortunately, to quote Han Solo - "that's the real trick, isn't it?" Actually making money off a game. :) Here are a few decent links, but don't expect anyone to show you an easy way to make money.

How can I monetize a casual game?

How can you make the most money from a browser game?

Which game portals accept Unity?

And I guess I should mention the Collaborations Forum, which occasionally has people offering money for projects - some of them, might even be for real!

One more suggestion, regarding buying software and assets. First, there is a lot of free software that can do everything you would need for Unity. For instance, Blender and GIMP will cover 3D and 2D asset creation. Yes, Blender has a fairly steep learning curve, but if you have more free time than free cash, it's an option.

Second, for things like music that you intend to buy - you can always start with placeholders. Get some free music to put into your project - once you have a complete, working project that can get you some funding, then replacing the music is a minor detail. Really, the hard part is getting a project running (apologies to all those musicians out there. :)

there are websites in companies that fund and support your project for revenue share. indie fund is an option (but not at this time). if you are in USA kickstarter is a good website to take a look. search google for game funding and supporting.

Here's a video of Tom Higgin's Taking your games to market talk from the Unite 2007 conference, maybe you can get some clues from that?

I will add this link for iPhone game funding:

And this one for browser games:

Both will pay for development of their games as well as pay you for licensing your game or ad share revenue. MEDL also offer a management service for getting your game out into the market either for profit share or single payment.

If you're in Australia, FundBreak recently launched, and is equivalent to KickStarter (i.e. same rules/system, but available outside of US).