funhouse mirror effect

Is it possible to do a fun house mirror effect in unity? something like this:

alt text

This can be done by remapping the UVs on a mesh. The code below use an AnimationCurve that you can set for the remapping. To use:

  • Get the CreatePlane editor script from the Unity Wiki.
  • Create a plane. My plane with 254 width segments, 254 height segments, width of 4, height of 6, Orientation was vertical, Anchor was center.
  • Create a material. I used Unlit/Texture and with an image with an aspect ratio of 4 x 6.
  • Add the following script
  • Modify the AnimationCurves for horizontal and vertical
  • Run the app

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class FunHouseMirror : MonoBehaviour {

	public AnimationCurve acHorizontal;
	public AnimationCurve acVertical;

	void Start () {
		MeshFilter mf = GetComponent<MeshFilter>();
		if (mf == null) {
			Debug.Log ("No MeshFilter componenht");
		Mesh mesh = Instantiate(mf.mesh) as Mesh;
		mf.mesh = mesh;

		Vector2[] uvs = mesh.uv;
		for (int i = 0; i < uvs.Length; i++) {
			uvs_.x = acHorizontal.Evaluate (uvs*.x);*_

uvs_.y = acVertical.Evaluate (uvs*.y);
mesh.uv = uvs;
Here is an example of the two animation curves (produces the lower right image below):

And here are the results applied to a public domain image: