(Fusion 2) Seamless Multiplayer Room Switching

so i have 10 scenes 1 is base scene and another 9 is on top of it kind of like grid, they are like zones when my player walks to boundary i switch the scene from 1 to 2 so i load and unload the scene just like that i want to switch the room
that means one room per scene so when ever i switch scenes i also wanna switch room without letting the player know

is this possible in fusion 2 with unity

In general, neither the concept of “rooms” nor “scene switching” is necessary to implement this sort of behaviour.

Instead you could have all 10 scenes loaded (additively) at the same time, and you merely SetActive the root object of a given scene’s content. This will also be faster even in single player.

And then you only need to apply the concept of “network object visibility” which all networking frameworks support in one form or another, where you also only set players not in the same room as others as “invisible”.

The only issue that could occur is something you’d have to consider in your game mechanics: collisions with invisible objects or players. An extra test that checks if a collision object is in the same “scene” needs to be performed, or some other way to prevent collision events between objects in different “scenes” occuring in the first place.

it’s a metaverse and we have low capacity of player per rooms for ex now we have 30 players/room and the map is bigger so that’s why we decided to create zones of the whole map which is bigger so that’s why as we switch scene we also wanted to switch room per zone