Fusion 360 to Unity with Multiple Components?

I am using Fusion 360 to model something to, of course, import into unity. I have found that changing a body into a mesh, then exporting to .obj will allow me to export to unity, but it does not allow me to add textures to different faces. Is there a way to export Fusion files to unity with multiple components so that I can add textures to each component (preferably just face)?

On a different note, if you are able to add custom textures with normal maps on Fusion, how would you do so? (I know it’s a different topic, but doing so would eliminate the need for above)

when you import OBJ files into unity it should create materials containing UV information. All you need to do is import the texture manually, and apply it to the texture using the inspector along with the normal maps if you manage to create them. (you can generate normal maps for textures using photoshop, and find free utilities to this also)

That only works if Fusion 360 exports the UVs into the obj file and you don’t want to change what texture goes to a face in the editor. If you want to change it during runtime that’s going to be a bit more involved and is highly dependent on the model,