FYI - Northeast Ohio game dev event 12/9

Not sure if anyone here is in the neighborhood, but there's an event (no cost) coming up this Saturday December 9th from 10-5 at the Cleveland Institute of Art. "Defrag." (To be repeated quarterly at different venues.)

The city of Cleveland and other NEO organizations are quite serious about developing the game industry as an important part of the region's future. The idea of this event is to get people/companies in touch with each other for collaborations, and to start getting the word out about what's already being done in Northeast Ohio with game development and simulations. (NASA for instance is doing some cool things.)

Anyway, it's open to the public. I'll have a station showing some Unity stuff, and there are 6 breakout sessions ranging from video performance art to a children's class on designing games.

EDIT2: new URL

EDIT: That link doesn't seem to give the address of CIA. Here's the location--it's right by University Circle:

FUTURE: The Center for Design and Technology Transfer
The Cleveland Institute of Art
Joseph McCullough Center
11610 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH 44106

durn it! i'm near chicago but can't make it on the 9th. :(

it's what, 7 hours by car? flights to clevelend from here are pretty cheap too. see if you can give me more notice if there's a next one (sounds like it). it'd be a blast to hook up and the event should be cool. my son would probably dig it too.

It's the first one, but it does sound like it will be well-attended. Now, whether it offers anything useful to a particular attendee I can't say :)

There will be a 6-station LAN game set up I hear :)

don't think you can go wrong with a LAN game involving NASA and the CIA. :smile: