Gaia 2023

Hallo - thank you (anyone reading this) for the time on reading this - and any advice will be appreciated.


I bought Gaia 2023:

1: Created Medium Scene
2: Tried with multiple of the included terrains - forrest etc
3: Frame rate without changing anything - 15 fps


1: i7 6800K @ 3.4
2: 64GB RAM
3: 4070 msi GPU

Maybe I am doing something wrong - but I only imported Gaia straight into Unity 2022.3.3.f1

Also build an exe - got 9fps after the build.

Thank you again.


What screen resolution?
Have you checked the logs? A series of error/log messages each frame can tank performance significantly.

That said, Gaia is an asset and not standard Unity. Therefore best to ask in the coresponding support forum:


Ask the asset developer, and use the correct subforum.

Thank you for your time - appreciate it - Thank you will do…

Sorry was not sure what forum to ask - thus posted under general… will not make the same mistake again - thanks for letting me know.

No problem, good luck

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It’s not likely the culprit here but that processor is absolutely bottlenecking that graphics card. The RTX 40 series is an insanely powerful generation. It’s not at all unusual for the three highest models (4070, 4080, 4090) to not run at full speed on anything more than two or three generations old and that processor is eight generations old.

In fact the 4090 specifically is so fast that it’s bottlenecked at 1440p even on the latest top tier CPUs like the 14900K and 7950X3D with every setting cranked to max.

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Thank you - this was one of my concerns, but with my previous generation 960 with this PC setup I got much better framerates, but I changed 2 things - graphics card - and new Gaia.

But I do agree - I need to upgrade that. Still I have other builds older than this - and the fps is insanely fast - plus I am getting pretty good fps on current games... it is only this install that is an issue....