Galaxy Procedural Generation

I’m currently working on a multiplayer spaceship game and I want to make a system that can generate a whole galaxy using procedural generation. I don’t really know how to code this stuff nor do I have any clue on where to start. All the videos show you how to create something specific but I just want to learn procedural generation in general and how I can apply it to any of my projects. Any ideas what tutorial I should watch or is there a good site/article that explains it? Thanks in advance!

That is a gigantic subject. Here are some subjects to google to get you started:

Unity Procedural Meshes

Unity Procedural Textures

Floating point errors in large game spaces

Perlin/Simplex Noise

Procedural Terrain Generation

Spherical Terrain Generation


Orbital Dynamics

Once you have a baseline understanding of these subjects, writing a galaxy generator is not too hard.

Finally, if you’re planning on trying surface-to-space transitions, stick to planets with radii of less than 50KM. Full-scale planets are basically impossible until GPUs can handle a full 64-bit pipeline, and that’s probably not happening anytime soon.