Galaxy S3 crash on launch , texture compression problem?

Hi , we are about to publish our project on google play but our project cannot run on the Galaxy S3 device and we would like to fix this.

Here is the crash log we get using a Adreno texture compression;

I did a lot of attempts at building for the device and always get problem that “SEEMS” to lead me to texture compression problem.

I will have to say that the project is mostly in a single scene where we have the play mode and the menu mode.

The crash only occurs in the lastest versions of the project where we have a little bit more panels in the canvas.

I can also mention that we are using unity 4.6.1 (if i aint mistaken) this is because unity 5 wont work with facebook api :S

Finally we tried most of the texture compressions and changed a lot of settings in the publish settings.
The very first texture compression we were using was “Don’t Overide” and it worked well.
Now using the “Don’t Overide” Compression the galaxy S3 still crash.

Here is the log we had when using the ETC1 texture compression instead;

Finally we are using those settings in the unity-player settings- android - other settings and resolution settings;
Graphics Level “OpenGL ES 2.0”
Disable Multithreaded rendering
Disable GPU skinning
enable 32-bit display buffer

If anyone have a clue what to do in order to fix the problem , I will eventually try creating more scenes if it is the only choice but , if it is a texture problem id like to understand it.

Thank you very much for your support.

Ok this crash has been solved by changing the settings on some texture in the game that were set to repeat instead of clamp.

Some device simply doesn’t take the repeat mode.

We were initially using this to make a parallax background and now I notice that i will have to create a brand new code for the parallax layers.

The strange part of this is that it worked for a while and stopped working recently and this is for unity 4,

Finally if you guys have the same problem and need to change your background parallax because of this I will create a script that I will add in the asset store !