Galaxy Tab 3 build problems?

Hi, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I then tried to build my .apk to the device (USB debugging is on) and it gives me this error: “The connected device is not compatible with armv7a binaries”. This is probably because it uses an Intel Atom processor, but I have installed my already published games from Google Play, and they works great on my Tab. How can I make Unity debug to Intel processors instead of ARM?

Thanks, Andreas.

You’re correct in saying it’s because of the Atom processor - Unity Android requires ARMv7 CPU.

I can’t explain why your published Unity games work on it though… this is another thread I found on the topic which, while somewhat dated, contains a lot of useful info:

Really wish I had googled galaxy-tab3-unity before I went and bought one!

Dear oh dear… anyhoo, to test a build on this tab3 I have to build with a supported device connected, like a Galaxy Note, then connect the tab3 and send the .apk over using the Android File Transfer program for mac… then install it in the file browser on the tab3, changing the security setting to allow installations from locations other than the Play Store… ugh!