Game 2D and 3D

Hi! I have a question, can I combine scene 2D and 3D on the same game?
For example, I wanna create a game with some 2D scenes but the main game is full 3D

Yes, you can use a mix of 2D scenes and 3D scenes in the same game. Like the 2D scenes could be some minigames in a 3D game, if the 2D scene is simple you can get away by making it completely from UI canvas, if not you can use URP’s 2D Renderer to a particular Quality setting that you’ll need to switch to it via code.

The previous comment highlighted a technique called 2.5D, I don’t believe that’s what you’re asking, 2.5D is mixing 2D gameplay elements like 2D characters to a 3D scene.

Yes you could. Search for: 2.5D game or any other technics like that.