Game and Scene Views differ

I’m quite new to Unity so there may be a simple answer to my issue, fingers crossed.

I have a simple scene so far of a sprite made up of a few parts all parented under an invisible game object so that i can animate each part separately but move it all at once. It has a rigid body 2d and a capsule collider 2d. I made a script so when he moves the opposite direction the sprite flips. My issue is, in Game view the character sits above the ground but when i flip him he drops into the ground. Yet the Scene view shows both instances to sit on the ground with the capsule collider working perfectly. Is it normal for Game and Scene view to show different things? Here’s a couple pictures to show each instance.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated thank you.

Brilliant! The camera was set to perspective and not all the parts of my character Z axis were set to zero for some reason. It all seems fixed now. Thank you so much!