Game Asset Website List (Free and Paid) (Textures, Models, Packs, etc)

This page will be used as a community wiki to list all the sites that can be used to buy or get assets to be used in your Unity games (3D models, packs, audio, textures, etc).



Paid Only


Looking for Sounds instead?

updated 19.07.2011 with all links of this thread and from where can I find artmodel assets for my game?

Do you know these 54 Websites To Download Game Assets I got some great resource from here for my games and still best for me.

And other Top 16 Best Free Music and Sound Effect Resources For Games its an ultimate blog with great source.

Someone should copy all the links from this thread into here, since this was marked as a community wiki post:

It would also be a good idea to separate the sites into categories like "Free", "Free/Paid", "Paid".

Great resource.

I would suggest splitting the resources into categories for Art (perhaps subcategories for 3D models, sprites, textures, etc.), audio, etc.

(Site names made up)


3d Models - F

Textures F/P

Sprites - P

Audio - F

I found this site: It allows you to view 3D models online in 3D using Unity Web Player. I think it's nice that it has all the 3D models in .unitypackage too.

Other site: - Free Graphics for your commercial games and projects!.

You can fin: Textures, sprites, animatOther site: - Free Graphics for your commercial games and projects!.

You can fin: Textures, sprites, animations, gamepacks, tiles, backgrounds...ions, gamepacks, tiles, backgrounds...

Cool online marketplace where artists can buy, sell or share for free 3D models and other computer graphics content worldwide is :slight_smile:

There are a good list and review of websites with free content available at it also covers the copyright and protection so you can know which free texture content you can use for commercial development which i found quite helpful because some of the websites can have quite fishy and unclear copyright protection. Happy hunting :).

very good 3D resources at:


Another site: Texturegen Free Textures which features lots of free quality high-res textures to download.

the GameArtiste store is now live: is a good free model site

Super Game Asset provide professional quality game assets for your game creation, including game icons, isometric renderings and tiles, portraits and game maps.

Professional 2D game assets at for free instrumental music

High-resolution, No Registration, No Limits.

Website with Professional 3D Low Poly Models For Free Developments!
which is a great opportunity for people with lower budgets!

Best is

Free and Paid *, the 3d models are optimized for games, mobile, and augmented reality and you can view these optimized models in 3D.

You can also get free 2d graphics including sprite sheets and backgrounds from It’s also maintained unlike other free graphics sites.

This link offer some free game assets ,