Game Asset Website List (Free and Paid) (Textures, Models, Packs, etc)

Yup, it’s my Site for Unity Assets ----> Unity3d.Expert

Wanna see the store directly? —>

(Paid and Free Assets - Some Finished, Some on the way! )

Are 3d models from free for commercial use?? I tried searching for an About or FAQ page but hopeless. Do you guys know anything about it??

Thanks in advance!

Many low-poly 3d-models on Tubosquid: 3DMMO 3D Models for Download | TurboSquid

And this: Ryzhkoff_3d 3D Models for Download | TurboSquid

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Adaptive Game Music store:

Paid it is.

A new blog that review the best assets from the asset store:

several royalty-free 3d character spritesheets:

Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D.

Here’s a list of sources for royalty free game graphics that are free to download: 16 Sites to Download the Best Free Game Graphics (2023 Update)

These resources are really very helpful for game development. To add this list, I would recommend This game assets store offers free game graphics, pixel art, theme, backgrounds, and much more.

You can try also this, Have a free game staff and backgrounds.

You forgot to add which is i bought some very nice assets from there and they also have free stuff as well. - All sorts of 3D/2D resources (Paid & Free) for game development

It seems like the last time this was updated was back in 2011, so I wanted to drop a link to a 2016 blog post here!

The places to get free assets are listed first, followed by primarily paid ones.

This one is really a great list. But you forgot to add and to your list.

Dear game developers,
take notice of – stock site of free high resolution textures:

Best FREE for Commercial Use Electronic Music, Atmospheres & Loops Sorted by Mood:


I would add AmbientCG. Its a hidden gem for realistic, FREE textures and hdri‘s (2046 high quality Assets):

Just take a look at this.