GAME BUILD FROZEN (serious problem :p)

I will explain this …
I have been working on an educational game for 3 months which I have done a lot of tests and everything is fine and even its build was successful until 2 weeks ago something happened … my game can be played within the editor but after doing the build and running the game, the game is frozen from the beginning (after the intro of unity) and I can not do anything or move, and also every time I update the game the changes are not seen within the game.
I already tried the following things:

  • Check if the scripts are ok.
    -Check each object in the game.
    -Reinstall unity. -Reinstall unity hub.
    -Reinstall the version of unity with its modules.
    -Configure API, passwords, compression method, resolution.
    -Manually install the modules.
    -Use the game on android.
    -Resolve any debug errors that appear.
    -Put the appropriate routes of the modules.
    And despite having done all this, NOTHING CHANGES. I need help please … it is a university project, I must solve this.

If you have made a pause menu, WATCH OUT! When you make a script of making the game pause, you should always disable the frozen code at start. I say it for experience