Game Build instantly getting stack overflow on first scene [Fixed]

Using unity 2019.4.13f1
Every time I try to build my game I get this stack overflow error and then the building scene bar just gets stuck and never loads no matter how long I wait.
My attempted fixes
*Re-imported all assets
*Tested an empty scene and it still does the same thing.
*Optimize mesh data is turned off.
*tried building to different locations.

No other errors pop up and the error i get just is no help at all…

Created a second copy of the game to do some testing.
*deleting all code and then building again works which isn’t a good sign in terms of how easy this will be to figure out.
I tried deleting everything in resources which tells me it may be related.

Isolated the problem. Unity game engine issue. It didn’t like certain things I had in resources so I had to move them all out and do a roundabout way of grabbing them outside of recourses. What a huge waste of time…
Thanks for nothing Unity community :slight_smile: