Game built for mac has much lower graphics quality than that in the Unity Editor

Hi there. I am currently making a game for MacOS. When I try to test my game in the Unity Editor, everything is just fine. However, when I build the game to MacOS Application and run it on my MacBook 15inch Retina with Iris Pro graphics card, it seems to me that the images become blurry and aliasing, just like a very low resolution!
This image is what the game looks like in Unity Editor. The resolution of the game window is 2598 * 1624:
This image is what the game looks like in the Built Application. The resolution is 2880 * 1800:
It is obvious that the game run in the player is much worse than that in the Unity Editor. I have tried googling all manners of solutions, including Quality settings, texture overriding and etc. Obviously none of them worked. However just to make sure that I have done everything correctly, here are the settings of my game quality and texture importing(Unity Answers Supports two images only, and thus I need to describe them by words):


Fantastic - green arrow by default both in player and editor.

Pixel Light Count : 4

Texture Quality : Full Res

Anisotropic Textures : Forced On

Anti Aliasing : Disabled (Although disabled, it shouldn’t be that the player has more blurs and aliases than the editor)

Texture import settings:

Type : Default

Shape : 2D

sRGB Color : Yes

Mip Maps : No

Wrap Mode : Repeat

Filter Mode : Trilinear


Unity Version : 5.5.1f1

MacOS version : 10.12.3

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Turn Off Anisotropic Textures, Turn filter mode to Bilinear, try increasing anti-aliasing to 2x and one thing about Apple devices i want you to know is that they don’t like NPOT textures so make sure your textures are POT … and then let us know if it help

For anyone who currently or potentially suffers from this problem: MacOS retina had not been supported before Unity 2017.2. For more information, please check This Post on Unity Forum.

If you are developing a MacOS game, it is strongly recommended to update your Unity to the latest version.

Hope this could be of help.