Game Center Authentication callback returns false

Hi, I am seeing a problem with Game Center authentication where if I start the game from XCode and sign in to Game Center then Social API returns true in the callback but if I disconnect from XCode and run from the device by clicking on game’s icon the Social API callback returns false, although the sign in is successful [I can see Welcome Back … notification]. Did someone else also see this problem? Is there anything different when running from XCode vs clicking on device icon?

PS: Same code works correctly for Google Play

I have the same problem. For some users, restarting the app works (authentication returns true). Maybe an iOS 10.3 specific issue?

i have the same problem.

try this:

Social.localUser.Authenticate( success => {
         if( success || Social.localUser.authenticated)
               Debug.Log( "Authentication sucessful");
               Debug.Log( "Authentication failed");

i don’t know why. but it works well. (Unity 5.5.3p1)