Game Center authentication doesn't work

I’m founded this topic

I created the app on iTunesConnect, added GameCenter on the website, created a leaderboard and some achievements.

  • switched Sandbox to “On” in Settings->GameCenter

May be I do something wrong… Any ideas? Who tested it on 8.2?

UPD: On IPad mini(8.2) game center works fine. But doesn’t work on Iphone 5(8.2)

In Xcode, go to Target → Capabilities → Game Center and set it to ‘On’.

Game center must to be ‘On’ too on:

  • Check in Apple Developers → Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles → App IDs → Game ID → Game Center.
  • iTunes Connect → My Apps → Game → App for iOS → Ready for Sale → Game Center.

I got as red Alert in Game Center in Xcode: ‘Add the Game Center feature to your App ID’. But I have tested:

  • Social.localUser.Authenticate.
  • GameCenterPlatform.ShowLeaderboardUI.
  • Social.ReportScore.

And they work well.

P.D: I’m translating from the Spanish. Maybe some names are not exactly the same.