Game Center Testing iOS

So, my question in a nutshell is >

How can I start testing Game Center integration for iOS?

However, more specifically it is this >

When I launch my game, the Game Center window pops up with the Sandbox login/pass. When I try to sign in with a dummy account it says that ‘This game is not recognized by Game Center’.

What has already been done.

  • Have Dev Account
  • Have ITC Account
  • Made AppID (pretty sure its correct, does the ‘’ actually matter, IN REGARDS TO, what your actual company name is? (this is the only step I have not tested because I would really like to avoid making yet ANOTHER appid.
  • Have Provisioning set up on phone (with said AppID)
  • Have the Bundle ID / AppID input into Unity
  • Have ITC test game set up (not submitted obviously) - with pics, with GC enabled, with a test LB -though no Ach
  • Have created a Sandbox GC / Apple account
  • Have created a test user in ITC (have no clue if it was necessary)
  • Have switched GameKit to optional / required (both) in xcode
  • Have closed / opened / reclosed / opened / rebuilt / rerun / whatevs the game and GC

I have literally tried almost everything. I can not figure this out. Something to note, I am not the programmer, but the programmer is using this script >

I really hope I am just doing something super stupid here. Any help is insanely appreciated.

You need to log in with your developer account, or add accounts to the test in the iTunes Connect console.
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