Game Center Turn based issue with the handleTurnEventForMatch in sandbox mode

I am building a turn based game using the Prime31 plugins for GameCenter and GameCenter turn based. I have deployed the game to two devices (iPad en Iphone 5S both using latest version of IOS7)

After starting a new game and ending the turn by calling EndTurnWithNextParticipant(playerId,matchData) the other player does not always receive a handleTurnEventForMatch which leads to a situation where both players are waiting for their turn. If I check the game status through Game Center app for the current player it shows ‘It is THEIR turn’. When I refresh the Game Center app by closing it and starting it again it shows ‘It is YOUR turn’.

My first thought is that I have not correctly wired up things in my game but when I tried the same thing by using a clean project and the example scene from Prime31 which is provided as part of the package, the same thing is happening. Sometimes ending a turn works and the other player receives a notification and sometimes (most cases) it doesn’t. Even with this example scene.

Is this something related to Game Center sandbox servers?

Any help much appreciated!

Hi Servé,
I having the same problem. This is the answer I got from App Store Developer Support:

I understand version 1.0 of your app Teazle Words, Apple ID 721628467, seems to be show in initiating turns sometimes and you need to know why and how to resolve the issue. If it usually works as you mentioned, then it is unlikely there is actually anything wrong with your app, or the servers. These kinds of intermittent delays can be due to data speed or quality of connection. I suggest you reboot any devices experiencing delays to refresh their data connections when you are testing.

Having you coming up with some more about this delays?