Game character - attach/detach weapons and stuff

Just a quick question, please give me a brief guidance. If in the game I need to have some areas or places on the character where I may want to attach some stuff, anything, it can be weapons, backpacks, ammo, other stuff, how do I do this? Do I need to add some dummies to those places in 3ds max and then attach tools in the game to those dummies? Or Unity engine allows to create such attachment places directly?

In general, is it better to make it in 3DS Max or Unity? And shortly, how should I do it? Just a few suggestions, please.

If you want to make the character hold a sword, you should attach the sword to the hand bone (make the sword be a child of the hand bone)

After you make the sword be a child of the hand, you should fix the rotation and position of the sword. (after you do that, the sword will move nicely with the hand)

If your character does not have a skeleton (the bones), I believe it won’t be possible

For a backpack, you could make it a child of the spine or something like that.

You do that in Unity