Game closes unexpectedly

I’m creating a game in 2D, it runs perfect on devices with 1GB of RAM, but on lower devices, with 512 RAM the game starts but after seconds it closes alone.

I’ve already reduced the textures, maybe it might have something to do with tris or verts but I’m not sure.

My version is 2017.1.0f3, thanks any help possible.

EDIT: The fact is that my mobile device has 512 RAM and not my computer, when the game is played on my (cell phone) it happens that this problem of the game comes out inexpertly.

I already tested the game in 1GB RAM device and it did not give this problem, interesting to say that the design is light has 27 mb, there are no light effects, shadows, it also has background music.

Well, you’re probably running out of memory but there really isn’t enough information to be able to say more than that (and 512Mb is really a very small amount of memory - how many of your target devices only have that?).

You need to use the Profiler to determine where your memory is being allocated.

Now I found the cause of this disorder, the big problem was that my cell that had this error of leaving the game alone, had some applications running, which consumed RAM of the device, consequently I had only a few free RAM’s, which was not enough to run my game.

SOLUTION: Stop the application process that is not necessary, or it is not used in the background, (this can be done in the storage settings of the device), so it will free up memory space. Of course, remember that the less memory your Game need to run, less problem will have so I am working to further reduce weight in memory.