Game Controls Won't Work

Ok, the first time this made me frustrated (restarted whole project), but for some reason, when I paused me game (right next to play button) and when I unpaused game, my game controls wouldn't work, and when I stop the game completely and re-played it, the character controls (up to move, left and right to steer, space to shoot,...) wouldn't work at all.I also closed the project completely and reopened it and re-ran my game, but the controls still didn't work. Is it Unity that is messed up or is it just some type of function or whatever? If possible, please help me solve this problem cause I do not want to restart project. Thanks!

Check that you have set the correct inputs in the Input Manager. The inputs are stored to each project. Otherwise it's hard to know what could be wrong, I take it that you don't have any scripts that alters the inputs at runtime, right?