Game crashed after display splash screen on android.

Hello there,

I found this question on different forums but they didn’t helped me to find solution of my issue. I had port unity(5.4) game on my android device (OS 4.4). When i opened the game it crashed after displaying unity’s default splash screen. I wonder, it was working fine on unity’s editor but didn’t worked well on device.

Here is the logcat file 1. Please let me know if i can provide any additional information that may help to track the issue. Many thanks.

I found the solution. I followed following steps.


  1. Go to ‘Player Settings’ → ‘Other Settings’. Uncheck Auto Graphic Api. Remove ‘OpenGLES2’ from list. 79404-solution.png
  2. Compress texture size as minimum as possible.
  3. Test your game on better android device. In my case i tested on Samsung Glaxy S5.

If solution doesn’t work##

  1. Remove all objects from scene. Port the project and test, if that works, it means you need to remove unnecessary objects from scene that need a lot of render power to load on mobile device.
  2. Make sure your Android SDK is uptodated a long with JDK.