Game Crashes for some reason


I have been working with Unity a lot lately, and I decided to rename my project. Unfortunately, I did not "save as" which was stupid. I had one of my scripts up and running at the time of the rename, so now, apparently, the script will not work. This occurs off and on what I have done to fix it is:

1) copied the contents of the script into another (differently named C# Script file)

The error still happens..

So now, what seems to fix it quick and easily is clickiing on the script within the Unity Assets Enivornment and just doing a drag and drop into the same folder, (for every time it says, "File read error").

This worked for a while but now, the game is just crashing completely... I run the game, go thru the GUI's, do the things that invoke the script work that I am having issues with, but this time I don't get the file read error. The game crashes entirely.

The scripts are safe, but I fear for everything I have done thus far..Could anyone help?

Some of the errors are:

the importer for asset Assets/Scripts/PlayerScripts/PlayerBiasRed.cs (MonoImporter) did not generate a MD4 digest.

realModificationDate != timeStamp.modificationDate

and of course the file read error for the same directory.

You could try a reimport all (right click anything in project view, Reimport All).

It will, however, take a long time if you have lots of assets, but it fixes lots of problems like that