Game crashes on iOS devices

So i had submitted my new game to the App Store and it turned out to get denied. They said that this was due to the game crashing on iPhones and iPads on iOS 12.1. I had been testing on an old iPod 5 and the game had crashed on there but i thought that may have been due to it’s age since other mobile games crash on there too. I tested on an iPad that was on the latest iOS and the game ran great.

The error i get within Xcode when the game crashes is exc_arm_breakpoint and the subcode is 0xdefe. I suppose this is more of an Xcode issue than unity but i thought i’d post here anyway since it’s a unity game. The game also runs find on android.

Hi, did you found any solution for this?

Facing this issue as well and it is driving me to nowhere.

Is Unity version an issue? Mine was 2018.2.3f1.