Game crashes on iPhone 4 and not older devices

I have a game that crashes on the iPhone 4 running Os 4.3.3. My game runs on all other devices including the iPhone 3. The game doesnt get part the loading screen. Does anyone know if there is a bug with iPhone 4 or maybe a setting I am missing when publishing in X code?


Yes there is a problem with 4.3.x.

Read the following email from Unity:

Dear Unity iOS Developers,

Unfortunately, many (and probably all) Unity iOS applications built with iOS SDK 4.3 are crashing during the App Store Review process while still running successfully on developer’s devices. We have contacted Apple regarding this issue and received confirmation that this is of highest priority to them. Our iOS team is working on a solution as well, but due to complex nature of the problem it will take longer than expected to properly resolve. A currently known workaround is to keep using iOS SDK 4.2.

Many users reported that applications built with Xcode 3.2.5 + iOS SDK 4.2 successfully pass the Apple App Store review process currently. OS SDK 4.2 is not publicly available on the iOS Developer site anymore, but it still can be downloaded via direct link. We want to assure you that building final applications with iOS SDK 4.2 provides all the features the Unity iOS run-time supports and is proven to work fine with devices running older generation iOS (3.x-4.2.x) as well as the newer devices running iOS 4.3.x (like iPad 2).

Please feel free to contact us if you have issues releasing your application to the App Store.


The Unity Team