Game crashes on launch on Oculus/Meta Quest 2

I am currently making a VR game and when I test it in the Unity editor via Oculus Link everything seems to work, but when I built my game and launched it in my Standalone Quest 2 it showed the three dots and crashed. There was no splash screen.

I have installed the following packages:

  • Oculus XR Plugin
  • Open XR Plugin
  • XR Interaction Toolkit
  • XR Plugin Management

I also have URP installed, maybe that changes something.
I do not have the Oculus Integration package.

I have Unity 2021.3.1f1. Thanks for trying to help :>

IT’S FIXED! i’m so happy rn because i tried to fix this for 3 hours straight :>

in project settings > player > android > other settings > I disabled Auto Graphics API, deleted “OPENGLES3” and left “Vulkan” there. I enabled Graphic Jobs and the game perfectly works!