Game Crashes On Startup?

Whenever I run the exe that came from the build, my game loads, the First Person Controller lands on the ground, and the game crashes. Here is the error log:[21752-output_log.txt|21752]

Please help!

Hm I definitely think you are onto something… I will definitely try that tomorrow and if it works that`d be awesome :slight_smile:
The hdr would be beneficial as well as fixing the tree collision issue and finding what pxvolume is, so I will try all those. I cannot seem to find a solution to the maindata file problem, but I guess research is the best way to go and thank you

Hi! I dont know if this will help, but i experienced crash when I try to build my PC game in x86_64 arhitecture mode. When I change it to x86 arhitecture and build it, it works just fine!

Hope this helps!

Btw, I’m using version 4.3.4.