Game crashes or does not load levels when told to?

Hello! I need to know for the future why this is happening.

So I finished a game (Called Child’s Play) and wanted to show my friends. I use a mac, so of course I created a .app file for myself and other mac users, and then I created both 32bit and 64bit .exe files for PC users. Here’s the problem: On mac it works perfectly, as you start on the menu (level 0) and click start, it loads the main level (or level 2). If you click on Options, it loads the options level (level 1). Well my friend could not click on start, as it would crash the game. Same with Options. So I uploaded to to see if it was just bugging out. Also I put the game on my old PC just to test it. The game played perfectly on the pc, but only one level would load for the Kongregate, Google Webstore, or even I can definitely post more information, like what my code looks like, and also how I have the levels set up. Also, some of the scripts broke when uploading to a website for online play (In-Browser). I have a script to allow the player to shoot grenades, but it would not work in the browser. This leads me to believe that it is not even there. Also, I have a pause menu script, which allows you to click on “Main Menu” to go back to of course the main menu. It wouldn’t work either. I’m not feeling very well right now, otherwise I would say more. Thanks in advance!

Link to game on -
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For anyone with a similar problem, check if you have these issues:

Do levels tend to not work? Then ask this.
Are your scripts attached? Inside Unity, I realized that on each object with a script attached, it had said “can’t find monodevelop file, missing.” in the place of the script. Click the little circle to tell unity what’s supposed to be there, and find your scripts.

Still receiving errors and other problems?

Create a Unity3d project. In MonoDevelop, copy and paste each script to a new one in the new project. Make sure your scripts stay in the right folder, and never move them from the “Assets” folder in unity. Also, in monodevelop don’t mess with the script locations unless you know what you’re doing.

If needed, create a “Scripts” folder inside of Assets. Put scripts in there. Even this, though, could mess up your project. Just a warning! I would back up the project before trying to store scripts in a new folder!

Well if you are porting to multiple platforms, like you said from mac to pc and browser, you have to take in account what you write in your code, for example I develop on a windows but if I would to create a file system there and port it to mac, mac users won’t be able to run the game, because mac does not use the same file system.

This goes for allot of scripting functions wich are platform dependend, maybe you could show the error message given.

Also mac uses an outdated version of openGL because they won’t support te latest, so if you use any shaders that require the latest model or differend shaders, that could also give problems.

When building your game keep an eye on the error box below screen, if something should not be compatible with a platform it will spit it out there.

I hope this was of any information.

tip: when writing a text try to make some colloms, alot of people get scared off by a block wall of text and symple won’t read it.