Game Crashes Upon Boot Up on select Xbox One's

I launched my game "the office simulation" on Xbox for free last week to find that a few of my friends are struggling to even boot the game. A few of my friend's tried booting and had no issues, and a few had to try booting 5 times before the game would actually launch.

During that week, I have been searching for the cause, wondering if too much is being loaded into the scene at once, if graphics are set too high, but from what I can tell, it did not change a thing.

I also looked into errors, but I cannot find a single thing. I am not really sure who to turn to, so here I am lol.

I am using Unity 2020.2.2f1, and the build being released is x64, and build configuration is Master.

Another thing to note is that it seems that the auto crashes are mostly happening on Xbox One X, but I have seen other people with launch Xbox Ones having the same problem. However on my Xbox One S, it runs perfectly fine.

Also if anyone wants to download the game and try for themselves to see if there is an obvious reason for the crashes that I am simply just missing, that would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure if it's related but seems like all the UWP Games crash on loading on the new Xbox Series X | S

hm well that's an issue lol. What exactly is the alternative then? Does Unity have another way to build for Xbox, because from what I can tell, UWP is the only option

Also, it seems like crashing is just a general problem even outside of Series S/X. Xbox One X and launch Xbox Ones have crashing issues.

We haven't received any reports of games random crashing on some consoles. And the report that all UWP games made in Unity crash on Xbox Series X | S cannot be true, as we tested it and it was working fine on our end. @SniperED007 if you have a repro that crashes on Xbox Series X | S, we'd love a bug report and would definitely investigate it.

@DaNova I assume you haven't been able to reproduce those crashes yourself? Do you have access to any crash reports in the dev center?

I have not been able to on my own system (Xbox One S) but I have tested it on my friend’s Xbox One 2013 and Xbox One X and both had crashing issues upon boot up.

I do have crash reports in the dev center, but they are all marked as unknown oddly

Were you able to test it in developer mode? If so, did you manage to catch a callstack or at least extract the player log?

I did test in dev mode prior to releasing it and I came up blank. It ran normally with no issues

Were those tests in dev mode only tested on your console that you cannot repro the issue on? Or did they also not repro on your friends consoles? If it's the former, any chance you could borrow their console, switch it to devmode and try running the game via a debugger on it?

I could potentially try to, but it may not be for a while and I was trying to get the update out by the end of the week. If that’s my only solution at this point that’s fine but is there potentially an alternative solution to finding a fix?

Well, we need a way to even recognize what the problem is. One way to do it is by accessing the crash reports on the dev center but I am not sure if you see any reports coming in through that. Another way is to manage to reproduce it yourself and catch the crash in the debugger/see what the log says. Lastly, you could also submit your project to Unity via a bug report and we could try to reproduce on our side, but there are no guarantees we'll be successful at doing that.

Just look at the reviews on Xbox for any of the creators games, they all say "doesn't work on my series X" etc.
I released a game on Xbox One but that same game doesn't work on Xbox Series X. (not sure about doing a build to it, but the store game does not work, it opens up the splash screen and then crashes back to the dash)

You can test it yourself it's called: "Death in the Water"
I've had a look at a few other games and they all have the same issue, and lots of 1 star ratings saying it doesn't work on their Series X consoles.

Why haven't you filled a bug report then? o.o

Because I'm not a software tester for Unity I have my own bugs to worry about :(

Okay, I will work on my own end to see if I can reproduce it myself, but how would I go about submitting it to Unity to check?


I'm having the same issue I believe. On my Xbox one my game works great. However on my Xbox series S I load my game in dev mode and the Xbox S restarts itself back to dev mode. Using unity 2019.28.f1. I updated VS2019 installed latest SDK 2022. Assuming I was using the wrong SDK 2019.

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I'm glad someone received a reply. I asked this question last year and didn't get a good answer. I'm using creators program on Microsoft. I even bought my own game on Xbox one. Why it doesn't work on the Xbox series is still beyond me. Please share if someone has a answer. Unity 2019.4 LWS version

Im having the same issue

Unity we need a fix, my game crashes on series X and people are tryna refund it. I cant have that. I barely make enough from it as it is.


Hi, I am making a new game now 'Alien Annihilation'... From MS Dev Center reports I can see it hung on XBOX One, but seems to work on XBOX Series S/X (I think)... The version that crashed didn't have debug references embedded in my APPX Package so I couldn;t see the crash details but a newer version does, so if it happens again I'll get a stack track

I had an issue with a previous game I made running on XBOX, where it had some white border around the game. I fixed that by building the game as UWP D3D rather than UWP XAML, altough both MS and Unity suggest XAML...