Game crashes using Application.LoadLevel() on large assets scene

Hello ppl, I am making a 2D tower defense game, I am facing a issue of game crash on Application.LoadLevel, in profiler Application.Integrate Assets in Background had calls: 355168 and all other had calls:1. I tried Application.LoadLevelAsync instead of load level and all these call background calls are reduced to 1. But testing on device the game again crashes, It only crashes on loading gameplay scene. Problem could be in large asset size in that particular scene.

Any better way to my problem of loading scene with large assets or could there be pre loading/background loading or other way for it ?
I also have some times, out of memory exception. I appreciate someone could help me.


Hi, well Im not sure what is causing this, but once I had the same problem and I discovered that I wasn´t optimizing the images properly, make sure to check if you optimized your textures that is even heavier than some assets, try to import them as small as you can without making them look blurry, also make sure to import them as what they are GUIs, UV maps, lightmaps etc…

Good luck