Game Development laptop specs

I am looking for a Laptop to use for game development, but to be honest i have no idea what specifications i need.
I think a gaming laptop and a game development laptop wont differ much (am I right?).
Could anyone tell me the specs I would need?

I have already looked at the internet for a laptop and found one with:
- 8GB Memory 
- 1600 MHz MemorySpeed
- 16GB supportive Memory
- intel Core i5-4210H
- 2GB Graphic memory
To me this seems (more than) ok for a gamedevelopment laptop, would you recommend me to buy this laptop?

The most important aspects i’d consider would be ssd and powerful cpu, if your projects will be gpu intensive you should look in more powerful gpu. Of course intergated intel graphics is a no in any case scenario. 8gb memory is enough, if you wont be running unity, browser, blender/3ds max, photoshop and listen music at the same time. I’d look for something starting from 500 bucks. Larger screen size also helps, working with a 13 inch laptop is a torture, 17 feels very comfortable for serious development, with that, comes extra price.