game development

i have seen how to make terrain in unity.

Is there any way to make your own terrains using photoshop from real life photos?

when i click the grass texture the paintbrush doesnt paint grass it sets the earth to green.

can you model with real life photos with blender or 3ds max?

how do i learn how to put a health bar into a game project and make sword action and damage happen?

Ok so we can tell you are just starting out and there is 1000’s of questions running through your head right now all i can say is walk before you run. You cant just dive into unity with no skills and start making swords with swinging actions. So first things first what do you want to learn first?

Me personally i would learn programming preferably C# just so you don’t switch language a year down the line you could start by buying some books on C# (NOT C# FOR DUMMIES) Look for a C# book from someone like Herbert Schildt. After you have the basic of programming if you like you could then go and use blender I have no modelling experience with this tool but i heard it’s pretty cool. After you have this then what you want to do is start watching some tutorials about it. After you have these 2 things in a basic understanding im sure you will then start to understand how things are done.

Also if you want to learn Unity Script / JavaScript (Unity’s build in language) then you could learn JavaScript GOTO and for everything game design you could go to this is an amazing site. I hope this helps you a bit and this doesn’t answers most of your question but should hopefully give you an understanding of where to go from here. Concentrate on one thing at a time or you will just get lost in information.

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