Game doesn't load after splash screen

I am making an android game that I only tested in the editor and using the unity remote app on my phone. When I finished it, I went to build it and run it to make sure it works, but when I open the app, I see the splash screen and then nothing. I tried changing some settings such as sprite max size, audio clip load type, and more. If you have literally any idea of how I could make it work, I’m down to try it.

If it helps, after seeing the game doesn’t load, I added another scene before the main menu, that just loads the main menu and has a progress bar, thinking it was just loading slowly, but it still didn’t show anything.

Apparently, I had an object that had a subtle infinite recursion at the start of the game that caused a stack overflow, which seemed to be handled by the editor, but not the phone. I fixed the code and now it works perfectly.