Game External Files on the Unity Web Player?

I've studied unity3D in order to create standalone based games. But now I'm willing to create web player based games. Well, I don't know the Unity3D limitations on the web based development. Does it have all the same features of the standalone game?? What about external files? like storing a large amount of data in external files like 'ini' in order to organize the game. Will all the files come with the .unity3d file? Will I be able to access my project files through my reading codes? and to write data? where is it kept?

In web players, you can save up to 1MB of data using PlayerPrefs. Other than that, you can't read/write local external files because of security reasons. There's a separate license available if you need to cache large amounts of downloaded content locally, but the price isn't publicly available (which probably means "if you have to ask, you can't afford it").