Game for iPhone and Android

Hey guys
I want to develop a game and make it portable to iPhone and Android.
Is it possible to develop in the default version and when I finish buy the licenses and export for both platforms?
If possible which considerations should I have?

It is posible, but you would not be able to test the iphone/android input till you have the licenses. And if you are using this approach to try to get the game out the door before your 30 days run up on the free version. I would recommend against it only because 30 days from your first experience in trying to get it on the iphone and or android to “project out the door” is very short even if your pro.

The input commands are mostly the same for android / iphone but I would look over the documentation to make sure you understand the differences.

But your answer is, Yes, you can create one game and have it export to both platforms.