Game in a Game

Dear Forum users,

For a project I would like to create an over the shoulder game. I want my character to play a game. I created the game, the character and the scene. The game is in a different scene but now I want to play this game on the computer screen of my character. I have no clue how to do this. Can anyone help me?


Maybe that will work, or maybe not…
Create the game you want to see on the screen in a separate scene. Also create an empty game object there and put everything that the scene holds inside of it. It should look something like that:

        Inside game objects

Give this game object a component gameMaster (the one that will trigger the game). Make a prefab out of this game object. Delete the scene.

Now inside you main game, the computer screen will hold this prefab and instantiate it on Start (), using Scaling on a ParentGameObject.
Again, completely not sure that this will work.