Game is in Stereo 3D, but I want that the UI looks 2D. Do you know how it works?


so I have a game that has a stereo 3D mode (Side by Side). I have a world space UI that appears to be 3D, obviously. Is ther a possibility to make it 2D again? You should be able to read texts in the UI without 3D glasses. I know it is possible but I have no idea how.

Thanks in advance!

(Assuming you mean for VR)

Render half the image in one side and the other half in the other side. This will make it look weird if Stereo 3D is still on, but if you take the goggles off it will be fine. Also add a button to switch to Stereo 3D mode rendering the full image in both, in case people prefer it that way and don’t want their eyes to hurt whenever a UI pops up.

In any case, I recommend sticking to Stereo 3D.