game lagging more with each scene loaded

Hi, i'm developing an android game, it's 90% ready, but I came across a problem and I've been trying to solve it for a week, without success, I currently have 4 scenes in my game 0 - it's the first scene of the game, the game load 1 - the main menu 2 - desert map and 3 - castle map, the problem is the following, the first time I press play, it runs normally, but apparently in each scene load the game has more lag, it doesn't matter if I use the reset button to reload the same scene, or I go back to the menu and select another map, on the first load the fps is on average 66, on the second load 33 and on the last (where the game becomes impossible to play) goes below 10,

I'm trying to use the profiler to identify, apparently the problem is in physics.processing but I'm stuck on it.


Hi @danielfreicampos !
Could it be a case of death spiral of fixed physics update?

I would try following options:

  • check out parameters of fixed update and max time interval (see for more details)
  • look further into profiler data - what exactly is going inside physics update?

  • is there anything leftover from old scene, any suspicious objects?

  • check physics profiler module - do you have complex collision geometry, etc?

hope that helps